9 March 2019
I just have to tell you that the tea you gave me has literally got rid of my Migraine... thank you so much.

11 March 2019
Oh my goodness I can’t even explain how much the tea has helped my headache completely... disappeared and it has honestly help me sleep too!

16 March 2019
Also Donna your a lifesaver. The tea you gave me help me so much. For the first time in about three years I haven’t had a migraine at the time of the month.

10 May 2019
Before I used to get rashes all over my body which the doctor diagnosed as Urticaria . It was only barely treatable with a daily antihistamine tablet. Since drinking the tea my rashes have completely disappeared. It started to appear when I was on holiday and I did not take my tea for two days. I starting back drinking the tea and it’s completely gone again . It has also giving me so much energy in the day and I have stop me getting my dizzy spells. I do not take medicines anymore for these.
Wellness Blend: Rochelle, Meadow Springs

5 June  2019
You have just been like an angel sent to me honestly. I have tried everything and nothing has ever worked. I can’t wait for you to launch this I’m so excited for you.

6 June 2019
Omg Donna you know how I told you I don’t have anymore tea..! Well I have an awful migraine again and I can barely been able to lift my head.

17 June 2019
I was suffering from a very bad cold and started feeling better quickly when taking the tea.
Wellness Blend: Maxine, Dudley Park